Our Experienced Advisors at NSI Solution inc. accompany and guide you in the strategic choices businesses are facing today.


With his multidisciplinary experience, NSI Solution inc. help you optimize your administrative process as long as your operational process using the Lean Six Sigma Approach.


NSI Solution Inc has mastered web application development for managing operations such as ERP and CRM systems.

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As a Zoho Alliance Partner, we help organisation improve their processes with innovative IT solutions, simple, effective and functional. We were given the recognition of being the Best Zoho Creator Solution Provider, with a statement for our innovation and creativity in finding ingenious solution.

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Driven by an ongoing concern for continuous improvement, our job is a matter of passion. We help organisations optimise their process using the Lean Six Sigma approach and in setting up efficient and useful technoloy. We create systems that add value and support business intelligence within an organisation.

As Industrial Engineers, allied with a multidisciplinary team of professionnals,we lead teams in the art of knowledge management and transforms their learning into a lever to help them go even further. We use the Kaizen methodology to helps collaboration and participation in order to facilitate the change. Collaborative work, information management and continuous productivity improvement have no more secrets for us.