NSI Solution, the third component: from Web 2.0 to Enterprise 2.0

This article is in continuation to two others published recently:

Yes, NSI Solution is industrial engineering, continuous improvement, business process optimisation, web application developers… and we also have Enterprise 2.0 experts available.

Why Enterprise 2.0?

I am often asked what the Next Big Thing will be, after Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma and all the others. My answer is this: Enterprise2.0

In addition to helping with communications and research, an Enterprise2.0 project is very mobilising for its collaborators. Furthermore, it eliminates considerable waste, such as over-production and waiting periods in the business process (Lean Office).

What we can do for you

Considering our team is, above all, an expert in business process optimisation, we are capable of helping you find the most efficient Enterprise2.0 tools to provide you with the best return on your investments. We can help you built your strategy and provide the necessary support. Besides the technical aspect, our main strength is assisting users so that they have great experiences every day. To do that, we work in close collaboration with experts in journalism, branding and community management.

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Pascal Veilleux

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