Great move for NSI Solution: One of our applications manages patient information in the American healthcare system

I mentioned it briefly in a previous post, but now, it’s official! The platform we developed for Medicfusion is now online and available for their clients.

Medicfusion helps medical clinics, predominantly in the US, become paperless. They offer many products and services in order to improve their customer’s productivity and to offer a better service to patients.

A point that was lacking in their service offer, a point that would make them stand out from their competition: offering medical clinics the possibility of creating customised forms to gather information via doctors or directly from the patients, either from home or via interactive terminals in medical clinics.

For the first time ever, fully custom intake, exam forms and patient research studies integrated into an electronic medical record. Exciting « in the clouds » integration between Medicfusion EMR and Zoho Creator makes it possible. […] Until now, integration of a physician’s proprietary forms into an EMR wasn’t possible. Not without many thousands of dollars in custom form development and even then, not fully integrated. Now it’s possible, thanks to the roll-out of a revolutionary and very exciting integration between Medicfusion EMR and Zoho Creator. […] For Medicfusion and Zoho Creator, it represents an important technical advancement, utilizing « cloud computing » in exciting new ways with important market implications. […] A dynamic partnership between Medicfusion and Zoho Creator guru Pascal Veilleux of NSI Solution guarantees a rich and growing suite of features enhancements.

Melisa Kirby Rottinghaus
Medicfusion CEO

So we developed, under Zoho Creator, a program to manage customisable forms. Zoho Creator can quickly develop high level applications and at an affordable cost. The data is stored in clouds, and in this case, we use the Medicfusion authentication system. We have also created a bank of public forms that clinics can install in their account. You are invited to watch the following page for more details, or contact us directly to discuss it.


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Pascal Veilleux


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  4. Great information. My company is also a Zoho developer and reseller. How did you get Zoho to comform to HIPAA standards? Various sources (some within Zoho) have informed me that Zoho Creator is not fully HIPAA compliant. Would be great to findout how you did this.



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